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Flanagan : Dancing in a Club last night.
Diary entry posted Sun 11:59am 24 April 2005

Before I get into talking about the dancing, I'll tell about my Wednesday Physical Therapy Session. Besides the usual balancing exercises, I used the Treadmill starting out at a very slow speed. During that 20 minutes, I gradually increased the speed to a brisk walking speed. It seemed easier and less painful when walking faster.
At a certain point of each step (on or off the treadmill the pain is quite instense, ther's no denying that. I've been (unconsciously) lifting my left hip to alleviate that pain.
My PT wants me to try focusing on NOT lifting my hip at that point of my gait. I need to work throught that pain and the movements that my foot must make. He'd also like to see slow down when I am walking. I've always been a fast walker. I am disgusted at having to walk so slowly! I'd even started looking fondly back to last week when I was still on 2 crutches. At least I could move painlessly at a sprinting pace on those!
Ahhhh, but I must not regress!!!!!
I keep plugging away, remembering to make that rolling motion of my foot as I walk, and I try to block out the pain. Sometimes I place my left hand on my left hip to make sure that I am not raising it.
By the end of a busy yesterday, I was happy that when I was walking slowly, I had only a slight hitch in my step, and the pain was not too bad. UNTIL>>>>>>>>>>>> (read below! lol)

One of my favorite Blues/funk bands was playing at a Club in Pt.Jefferson last night. My friend and I went there to dance. Just like the good old "pre-broken Fib days!"
The place was packed, the band had just begun playing. I danced an entire set, which was probably 30-40 minutes long. Every few songs, I'd start to leave the dance floor to sit for a while to rest my foot. My friend laughed each time as she saw me making my way back onto the dance floor instead! Every song was great, and I couldn't sit down for any one of them.
Granted, I have limitations to my movements when I dance. I expected that. After all, it was only 7 weeks ago when I broke my Fib/dislocated and tore ligament while Figure Sakting. When I'm dancing, I don't yet have great bend in my left knee, and I am hesitant about putting weight onto the ball of my left foot. No one would notice these limitations except for me. I was happy to be dancing. Even though it was painful, at least I was doing something that I love to do. I waited 7 weeks for the night that I'd get out and go dancing again! :)
The Band went on break. My friend and I found ourselves an empty table, and I sat in a chair and propped my left foot up on the opposite chair. Such relief to be off of it!
I mentioned to my friend that not only did I think that I would not be able to dance the next music set, I didn't even KNOW if I could walk out of the bar! lol
When we left, I hobbled out,and the long flight of stairs that lead down to the street was daunting. I did the stairs the way that a 2 year old would. lol
Today I pay the price for the dancing!
I am on 2 crutches again, due to the pain.
Probably by tonight my foot will feel much better again.
Hey, maybe I'll even go out dancing again. (only kidding! ) :)

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 Sun 11:59am 24 April 2005
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