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Flanagan : a Jelly Belly jelly bean reward! yum
Diary entry posted Tue 10:46pm 26 April 2005

I got myself out of bed this morning and took my first few steps expecting the usual strong pains in my foot and ankle. The pain which I had was of a totally different type. It was localized on the left side of my ankle,and it was not what I'd call severe. No real pain anywhere else. My walking was better than usual, too.
I wondered if the pain was due to the hardware and 6 screws,because that's the area of my leg where the pain radiated from.
I have some concerns about this.My figure skates are made to fit tightly around the ankle. (I am hoping to skate as soon as the Dr. says I can.) I guess that I could have the skate punched out in the ankle area just enough to allow a bit more room.I can also try wearing a round gel pad over my ankle, and under my sock in my skate.

*For every problem there is a solution. :)

I went to the Gym for my 3:30 Training
session today.
My Trainer had me use a stationery bike for 10 minutes, with a low-medium intensity level, higher than the level I did last week. My foot felt good while I was pedaling.I marveled at that. After so much pain, it's amazing when the foot actually feels "good."
After 10 minutes on the bike, we walked one lap around the indoor track.My walking felt the smoothest that it's been since I ditched the crutches.
The walls at the far ends of the track are mirrored, and you can watch your approach. As we walked around the bend I said to my Trainer,"I'll be able to judge how much of a limp I've got while I'm walking towards the mirror at the other end."
He said,"You don't have any limp. Look."
I honesty couldn't believe my own eyes I was walking with my old walk. Where was that uneven leg dragging walk of mine? I felt like a whole person again. Hey, The bike riding really loosened up my foot and ankle.I am convinced of that.
I always make sure to bring one of my gel filled ice packs to the car when I go out.
While I drove to the Gym,I had a cool gel pad wrapped around my left foot. An hour and a half later, the pack was still cool enough for me to use it on the drive back home.
After the Gym, I drove to Trader Joes Store and bought a walnut+blue cheese salad with balsamic vinigar.< I am addicted to it. lol. At the cash register I spied 5oz boxes of Jelly Belly jelly beans.(one of my weaknesses) I decided to treat myself to a box as a reward for the improvement in my walking. :)
I still have a long way to go until the foot is back to normal.I keep my thoughts positive by continuously visualizing myself doing all the active things that I used to do.
If I can visualize myself doing something,I'm halfway there to actually doing it.

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 Tue 10:46pm 26 April 2005
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