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Flanagan : From painful to painless. (I'll take THAT!)
Diary entry posted Sat 8:55pm 30 April 2005

My walking was awful this morning. I had a "new" kind of pain just above my ankle,yet below the break in my fibula. It was a sharp electric shock sort of feeling with every few steps that I'd take. I marked the spot with a magic marker to see if it would remain only in that area.I was walking with short flat steps.
I had quite a few errands that I couldn't put off doing today. I left the house with my youngest son, and walked out to my car with quite a limp.
The first errand required a long walk from a parking lot into a Skating Rinks Store. My son needed larger skates, and this couldn't be put off. I walked stiff legged with short painful steps in the rain, feeling as if I'd never get to the building. Afterwards, the walk back out to the car was just as bad. It had stopped raining, and I found out that a closed umbrella makes a very handy walking cane!
We stopped at 2 convenience stores. At that point, I noticed that I wasn't limping as much, and the walking was not as difficult or painful as it had been earlier in the day.
After some driving (a half hour later) I stopped at a 3rd store, and noticed that I walked in without a limp. The weird pain that I had in my ankle earlier was nearly gone. I walked around the store not thinking about how I was walking.
Here's the best part. We went into Michael Craft store to buy my son something fun to make or do. I was halfway through the large store when I realized I had no pain in my foot. The top of my ankle felt stiff, but otherwise painless. This was the first time that I was walking normally without having to concentrate on doing so. After my son found some modeling clay we could have just paid and left. Instead, I wanted to enjoy walking through the entire store feeling like my old self as I was 8 weeks ago. It's so nice not having to think about each step. I felt like I was given a gift.
Our last stop was Eckarts Drug Store. Again, a painfree walk through the store.
When we got back outside, it was raining very hard, and thundering. I was capable of doing a very fast walk, almost a jog, to my car.
My how things change! Last week when I was walking out of Trader Joes into heavy rain, all that I could manage were very slow small steps to my car.It was frustrating because I could simply not speed up my walking.

Great day! :)

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 Sat 8:55pm 30 April 2005
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