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Flanagan : 8 Week Dr. Appointment & more
Diary entry posted Tue 8:12pm 3 May 2005

This was my first appointment that I didn't have to walk in on crutches. :)
My Dr.examined my ankle, and said that it was healing nicely. I mentioned that I don't have much pain,except for the area over my ankle bone, directly above it, and stiffness. (That's where the hardware is.) He said this would all go away eventually.
He took an ex-ray. We can no longer see where the break (in my Fibula) is. However,it was evident(on the x-ray) that one of the 6 screws is loose.
He said that he wants to take the screw out in 6 months. He mentioned that some of the discomfort I'm feeling in my ankle may be due to the loose screw. 6 months??? It seems like a long time for me to be running around with a screw loose.(but then again,haven't I had a few screws loose for my entire life????lol) I asked him if this loose screw was something to be concerned about, and would I have to curtail my activities in any way?
He said,"Nope,everything will be fine, we'll just take it out in 6 months, that's all. Meanwhile,we want to get you back to skating as soon as possible."
I said, "Good.(breathed a sigh of relief) 'Cause as long as the loose screw won't screw me up by keeping me from doing the things thatI want to do, well.....then that's all I need to know!"
He told me he admires my spirit. lol.
* * * * * *
My biggest challenge will be regaining my balance and strength on my left leg. I work hard in PT,as well as at home doing exercises that will help me regain what I lost. I've been very pleased with my progress so far.
I look forward to the day when once again I can walk on a curb like it's a balance beam, sprint up stairs on the balls of my feet,jump from rock to rock on a jetty with my son, add cartwheels into my walking as I go across the lawn to my car,and do my usual ballet leaps over large puddles. I wouldn't dare try any of these things yet. I still have alot of pain if my ankle twists or turns unexpectantly. I don't trust this left foot, and I can't count on it to do what I tell it to do. Not yet, anyway.
My body weight tends to be on the left side of my foot when I'm standing on it.This causes me to wobble all over the place as if I were a drunk. If I were to be totally drunk, how much worse could my balance actually be? lol!!!
When I stand on my right foot, the weight is perfectly distributed and balanced. Then,I get onto the left foot......it's like the difference between night and day.
Ugh. Enough of this crap. Do you know what?? I'm boring myself to tears! (yawn)
I wonder.......
Is there a movie on IFC that didn't start an hour ago? Any grapefruits left in the fridge? Now I've got to hunt for the channel changer.

'There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered."
Nelson Mandela

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 Tue 8:12pm 3 May 2005
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