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Comment : My 4 week Dr. Visit
Posted by Flangan on Sat 8:52pm 2 April 2005

The wind is roaring outside, while rain pelts against the windows. Our electric has blinked on and off 2 times so far. There is only one thing worse that being on crutches in my house, how about being on crutches during a black out? Especially in THIS house, where it's normal to navigate my way around ditched socks, guitar picks, stray pennies,and clothes, which merely hang onto the rubber tip of a crutch as I try to fling them out of the way. lol. With four boys(my husband is included in that count!)as well as 4 cats, things become chaotic very quickly.
~~~off topic> My spotted Bengal cat has been using the toilet for his BMs. We didn't teach him this, it's something that he started doing on his own. Now if only I could teach him to flush!
Today, my husband spent all day cleaning the house and grumbling about how messy it was. He made the boys pitch in and help.I was happy as a clam with that arrangement! My home was getting cleaned by 4 people, while I watched TV and played on my computer!
My Doctor is pleased about the ex-rays taken yesterday. The fracture is mending nicely. I demonstrated how I try to put my left foot flat on the floor, but my heel is off the floor by one inch. He showed me an exercise which involves sitting down with my leg straight out in front with my foot flexed.With a towel looped around my toes and ball of my foot,I pull the towel towards me(gently of course) which flexes my foot.
I've decided that I should do something useful with all of the free time that I've got.
I found a great learning Site> www.free-ed.net. They offer free online courses in just about anything! I've started with a course in Medical Terminology, and there's many more that interest me.
~~~Random thought of the day~~~~
A "not so good" place to be on crutches is in a crowded store. I've always had the ability to make my way through a crowd with the agility of a cat. On crutches it's impossible to turn the body sideways and slink through a crowd, lifting a hip here,or a shoulder there, fitting like a puzzle piece past each person,without even touching anyone. On crutches, there is no flow with movement. It's alot of clip-clopping crutch moves,just to get five feet through a crowd!
(I am too lazy to spell check this. Good luck wading through the typos! :)

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 Sat 8:52pm 2 April 2005
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