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Comment : Re: 8 Week Appt
Posted by flanagan on Wed 8:58pm 4 May 2005

Hi Annie,I can't say that I feel the screw moving around.This morning before I got out of bed, I glanced down at my ankle.For the first time ever,there was barely any swelling. Well, that's the good part of this story! lol
The bad part>> Because the swelling was down,I was able to feel 3 of the 6 screws easily with my hand. Ewwwww. Very icky feeling.One of them is very prominent,I'm sure that's the loose one. When I got up to walk, I had sharp pain directly in the area of that one screw. I was on my feet nearly all day, and the ankle swelled up,which was a good thing! After it swelled, the pain on that screw subsided, and I felt better.(I guess that area was cushioned from the swelling.)
Yes I'm antsy to have all 6 screws AND the plate taken out, not just the ONE lousy screw! I will have to truly convince (or brainwash) my Doctor.
I am sensitive to every little thing tactile thing.For instance, when I try to sleep at night,I can feel one grain of sand if I am laying on it,and can't sleep until I've brushed it away.I can feel if I've gained or lost one pound,I just know it without ever getting on the scale.I'll feel a mesquito(sp) land on my arm before he even has a CHANCE to sting. With that in mind...lol...you can only imagine how I am more and more aware of the hardware being there,now that the swelling is down.
You're making nice progress in getting back the toe point. You're so right about these breaks forcing us to learn more patience.I don't think that I had any before this happened. :)

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 Wed 8:58pm 4 May 2005
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