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Flanagan : Don't Try That at Home, Kids!
Diary entry posted Wed 9:56pm 4 May 2005

In yesterdays posting I had mentioned that one of the things i hoped to do again, were ballet leaps over large puddles.
Well guess what! (yep, you know where this is going!) My neighbor was washing her car today. A river of water ran down the street,pooling at the end of my driveway. I needed to get around it because my car was parked in the street,I had errands to do.
I could have detoured the "river" by walking over the lawn........NOT!

I have never leaped with my right leg leading. It just wouldn't feel right.I'm a lefty,and my left leg is the dominant one.It also happens to be the one that I broke 9 weeks ago. I know, I know...Shhhhhhhhhhhh :O

Sometimes my body knows exactly what it's capable of doing,and it forges ahead before my mind can catch up and stop the action.It's as if my body is more confident than my mind.

Well it wasn't exactly the huge leap that I would have attempted to do 9 weeks ago, but it was a damn good start.I jumped across onto the flat of my foot, not the ball, which would have spelled t-r-o-u-b-l-e!
I'll bet that this could have been more fun if I'd vaulted myself over the water on crutches. Tee hee.
*Don't try that at home, kids!(wink)*

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 Wed 9:56pm 4 May 2005
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