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Flanagan : Talking To myself Like a Dutch Uncle
Diary entry posted Thu 11:29pm 5 May 2005

Today I talked to myself like a Dutch Uncle.
Ja,It's time to toughen up! I've reached the conclusion that I'm wasting too much energy analyzing my daily pain level and the ever changing condition of my recuperating foot/ankle.

Why bore my own self by thinking thoughts such as >'Gee, yesterday my foot hurt HERE, but today I have this "different" pain that's affecting the opposite side of my ankle, etc. Why should I care so much, when it's all normal stuff having to do with recovery of an injury. That's that.
I'm doing very well,even with that one loose screw, and I can't ask for better progress. For now on, I'm not going to think about the hardware which is in my leg. I DO think that in my own little obsessive compulsive way, I was focusing in on the hardware too closely. I have a sneaking suspicion that if I just accept the fact that the hardware is in there, my leg will behave and forget that it's there too. Today I refused to worry about this stuff, and I felt unusually good. :)
Pain will come and go,conditions will change everyday, but things are always getting better.
My focus is on getting back to skating, kickboxing, and possibly adding in a dance class in Jazz or ballet or both. I'm cutting down my work hours to have more time to do fun things while I'm still young and healthy to enjoy them. Hey, ya only live once. (unless of course, you believe in reincarnation.)

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Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart."
Kahlil Gibran

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 Thu 11:29pm 5 May 2005
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