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Flanagan : How I'm doing (10 weeks later)
Diary entry posted Thu 6:01pm 12 May 2005

{This is week #10 since my Fib break/disloc ankle/torn ligaments.Have metal plate + 6 screws.}

Finally I am comfortable walking on hilly bumpy surfaces such as the ones in my garden. My ankle feels strong enough that even if I turned it alittle, it wouldn't hurt a lot.
My balance has improved enough for me to walk on curbs. Although it's not gotten better where I could stand on one leg and close my eyes for more than a second or two while standing on a mat.
Today at Physical Therapy I was on the treadmill. I increased the speed gradually in 10 minutes time to a brisk walk, almost breaking into a run. By next week I should be running comfortably at a slow running speed. It was only a few weeks ago (Apr. 25th entry) that I could only walk slowly on the treadmill, and I had to work hard to keep the hitch out of my stride. I had to "think" about every step!
There's some improvement in my toe point, my foot isn't pulling inward anymore. My Toe point is no where near what I have with the right foot though. When I broke my fibula, my foot was in the pointed position and went over so far as to dislocate, and of course the Fib. break. I figure that the toe point will be the last thing to return to any kind of normalcy due to what happened to it.
Dorsi-flexion is almost the same as the right foot. (but if ankle is swelled, I have less range). The top of my ankle continues to be very tight, which means that my knee bend is not nearly as low as it is with the other leg. With my foot turned outward, I can bend almost as well as I can on the right leg. However, when I have my left foot pointed straight ahead and try to do a knee bend, I'm too tight in the ankle area to get very low. This too, is one of the last things that I am getting back to normal in.
On Monday I went to kickboxing, and did all right. I wore a lace up ankle support that my PT had suggested, and I felt very secure with it. Kickboxing is done barefoot and on a mat. There is a lot of ankle movement that goes on. My balance was actually better than I thought it would be. I held off from doing any jumping onto the left foot, as I know that my ankle is not stable enough yet. I don't even trust landing on it repeatedly for jumping jacks, so I held off on that, too. I paced myself, and did the best that I could do.
After Kickboxing I felt good enough to do the Yoga class that follows. Went home, took an Epsom salt bath, ate lunch and showered and changed. Then it was off to the gym for my scheduled one hour workout. My foot/ankle held up very well thru the kickboxing and Yoga,, but I was tired in general. I didn't want to cancel the session at the last minute, so I figured on going, and doing whatever I could do.
My Trainer had me lifting some free weights, but after a while he said, "I'm not even gonna charge you for this session. You're too tired to work out." I was relieved, because I AS wiped out, and I am never as tired as that. We went outside instead. It was a gorgeous warm day. We sat down on the grass in the hot sun and talked.
That's it for now. It's 7:54pm. I'm sitting with my foot up on my desk, with a soft ice pack wrapped around my ankle. My ankle is a bit swelled from Physical Therapy earlier. I took an advil, ate some dinner, and I'm toying with the idea of going to an 8:30 Kickboxing class. I am 50/50 on whether or not I have the energy to make it through the class.
Hmmmmmmmm. Decisions, decisions.

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 Thu 6:01pm 12 May 2005
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