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Flanagan : "Follow up" to last post
Diary entry posted Sun 10:30pm 15 May 2005

Towards the end of my last post, I was debating whether or not I could make it through a Kickboxing class that same night. I sat at my desk with an icepack wrapped around my ankle and wondered if I'd have the energy.
I decided to get my act together, and go. After all, how would I feel about myself if I sat home here instead of going?
I was able to do some of the jumping jacks this time, as I kept my jumping level low. I couldn't do them during Monday's class.
I'm still tentative about going down stairs. When I hold on to a banister and attempt to walk down normally, it is not a very smooth motion! lol. There's a scary moment>as my foot reaches down to touch the next stair, it's a brief second where I feel as if I am stepping off of a cliff into the unknown. I think that the reason for this is due to the fact that my ligaments are still quite tight. Sometimes I walk down the steps sideways, it's easier to step down while on an angle.
I'm happy to be gardening again, without the hindrance of being on one foot and using crutches. That was just not fun!
I need to locate a Garden Center that sells Evening Primrose seeds, or plants. My ten year old and I grew them 2 years ago. It's fascinating to watch the flowers "pop" open at dusk. My son thought it was pure magic. Gee, am I a bit off topic here? What does this have to do with broken legs??? lol. Moon Vines will be nice too. The trumpet shaped flowers swirl open at dusk.

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 Sun 10:30pm 15 May 2005
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