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Flanagan : knee bend, loose screw, running demons
Diary entry posted Wed 3:11pm 18 May 2005

Recent progress: Yesterday, much to my own surprise, I found out that I'm able to do a grande plie in 2nd position. A few weeks ago I could only do a demi plie. This is great progress in losing some of the tightness in the top of my ankle, allowing the bend at the knee.I still cannot get much bend when my foot is facing forward though. Not yet,anyway. I can feel the loose screw sharply when trying to bend at the knee, and also when I rise up onto the ball of my foot.
Luckily, I have a good tolerance for pain. At the age of 10 years old I can remember waking up in the morning after a Ballet class the night before,and barely being able to walk due to the muscle pain. Even at that young age I remember thinking "I must have worked very hard in class last night!" From working through the pain, I allowed my muscles to build stronger and stronger. Using common sense, I knew which was good pain, and which was bad pain. I'll tell you THIS, lol, when I heard my Fibula snap and felt THAT pain, I knew I was in serious trouble!!! That was unlike anything I'd ever felt before.
My OS said that he would remove the loose screw after 6 months, and told me to just go on with my regular activites. He doesn't expect any complications during the next 5 months..I'm not going to skate until I regain my left knee bend.I AM kickboxing again. My foot feels good after a class. I guess that's because my foot is moving in all of the old ways that it is used to. My left leg still has a slower reaction time, but I see that it's improved quite a bit during the past few weeks. For instance,
I no longer feel the need to stop walking and stand still when I'm out in public and small children are running in all directions near me. That used to unnerve me. Small active children seemed like little demons trying to cause me to fall. I felt like a tall tree holding my ground as a tornado roared past! lol. I wouldn't have been able to get out of their way fast enough.

"Sometimes I would rather have people take away years of my life than take away a moment."
Pearl Bailey

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 Wed 3:11pm 18 May 2005
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