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Flanagan : Some progress+ fun on crutches.
Diary entry posted Mon 4:33pm 4 April 2005

Physical Therapy will begin this week.
I've been doing the stretching exercise, (see last post) and I am happy to see progress already. I've gotten my heel lower than one inch off the floor now, but it still feels as if my ankle is encased in cement when I rotate, flex, or point it.
After 4 weeks of getting around on crutches,I've become quite good at it. From the beginning,I tried to see them as a new and challenging way for me to get around, because I had no choice in the matter, unless I wanted to use a wheel chair or crawl. {When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.}

It's funny when I'm walking behind a slow group of people,because they hear my approach ("tap tap tap tap tap....) and sometimes they'll turn their heads to find out whats making the tapping sound. There I am,tapping past them at double the speed they are walking.
Opening doors and getting through them without any assistance, remains a challenge. All doors feel heavy when I try to open them. (Automatic ones are a blessing!) When people are around,someone is always nice enough to hold a door open. :)

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 Mon 4:33pm 4 April 2005
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