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Flanagan : 12 weeks later
Diary entry posted Mon 4:21pm 23 May 2005

I'm walking up and down stairs normally. The stiffness at the top of my ankle (felt like ankle was encased in cement) is going away. That improvement began when I started doing the stairs normally. I'm back to walking fast again. Thank goodness, because I was losing patience with my own self when I was walking so slow (because I was trying to lose every remnant of that limp. lol)

Range of motion:
I am excited about the fact that my kneebend is finally getting deeper now that the ankle stiffness has lessened. My toe point is only marginally better. That too is restricted from the ankle stiffness.

It's gone down a lot. In the morning my ankles are almost the same size. I hardly ever ice it. It's still swelled by the end of the day, but not uncomfortably so. On Saturday I was gardening all day, and I didn't have to stop due to pain, or swelling.

My balance has improved greatly in the past week or so. I can hop up onto a curb instead of cautiously stepping up, and I walk it like it's a balance beam. I can trust what my body will do, instead of fearing loss of balance. I have better side to side movement in the ankle now, and no pain doing those movements.
I'm able to get around in my hilly garden, stepping around rocks and plants just as agile as I used to do. If I step onto something uneven such as a rock, my ankle is stable enough to handle it. It was a pleasure being outdoors gardening again without having issues.

I haven't been aware of the metal plate and 6 screws lately.(my last xray showed that one of the screws is loose) There was a time several weeks ago, that I thought all of the pain was coming from the hardware, and I was obsessed with thinking about it being there. I had to just quit thinking about it!!!! :) There is no unusual tenderness where the hardware is. I can feel one of the screw heads though, but there's no pain associated with it.
Mental attitude:
Thinking positive as usual.

'Use what talents you possess; the woods would be a very silent place if no birds sang except those who sang best.'
Henry Van Dyke

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 Mon 4:21pm 23 May 2005
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