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Flanagan : High heels=better Knee bend
Diary entry posted Fri 1:33pm 27 May 2005

Last night I wore my Tommy Hilfilger 3+1/4 "high slides to my sons school concert. It was my first time wearing heels since my break. They are actually wedge heels, and they are stable for walking in.
I wore an elastic ankle support for alittle extra support. It's actually easier to walk normally in these heels, because I have almost a normal knee bend when my heel is raised up three and a quarter inches. What a surprise THAT was!
There is no stiffness in the top of my ankle at this height. I was surprised at that. I thought, "Hmmmmmm. I need to investigate this further!"

I wondered how much lower the knee bend would be while wearing a 2" heel height, so I started pulling pairs of shoes out of my closet.
Heres' what I found out:

In bare feet (while standing up tall) bending my mending leg, I can only get several inches of "bend." My other leg can bend so low that my knee is over my toes. I feel like the top of my ankle is incased in cement.

Sneakers: They raise my heels up a half inch. I am able to bend approximately two inches lower. The ankle sure feels better at this height!

Slides with 2" heels: I can bend several inches lower yet, which brings my knee OVER my toes (this is what I see when I'm looking down.) Amazing!

3+1/2" Slides: I can't believe it. At this height my mending leg is nearly as low as my other leg when I bend! There is NO stiffness on the top of my ankle at this height. However, I feel a localized restriction coming from the area where the hardware is, where the plate was curved to fit around the ankle bone.
(1 plate, 6 screws, one loose>seen on xray. Br. Fib/dislocated ankle/torn ligament on 3/4/05.)
My conclusion> It's either the loose screw or some/all of the hardware affecting my degree of bend. OR> It's the tightness in the top of my ankle causing the lack of bend.
Or maybe it's both!
I have a Dr. appt on June 6th, and I'll address these issues. If it IS the hardware restricting the movement, I know I'll want it all out as soon as the Dr. would allow.

One good thing is that at least I can wear heels again! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee!

"Never measure the height of a mountain, until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was."
Dag Hammarskjold

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 Fri 1:33pm 27 May 2005
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