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Flanagan : Positive changes (and Hardware Revelation)
Diary entry posted Thu 9:52pm 2 June 2005

The stiffness on the top of my ankle is going away. I am able to finally do a better toe point. My foot is even pointing normally now, and not "pulling to the inside." I was really beginning to wonder if I'd ever get a normal toe point back. I'm really happy about it.
The other change this week>much much less swelling. This has been almost like a gift. That, and the toe point. :)

I was on my feet all day, and just came home from a kickboxing class. After all that, my ankle is only alittle swollen, but I don't feel the need to ice it. A few weeks ago, I would have had a "doughnut" around my ankle after a busy day like today!

I called my OS to tell him that I feel movement in my ankle. Sometimes when I take a step, something feel like it shifts, and I feel an odd pain. After that, there is pain with each step. It's a creepy sort of feeling, and I thought that maybe it was the loose screw. He said that I'll probably need to make an appt with him to remove that screw. While I had him on the phone, I asked him if I should curtail any of my activities until he takes another x-ray on Monday. He said no, there won't be any big change because of my active lifestyle.

I've noticed is that my ankle feels like it's almost healed and back to normal.It's as if I've almost got my old foot back. :) .EXCEPT for just one thing> :(
The hardware. The darn friggin' hardware!!! I am 100% certain that it's limiting my range of motion. The reason why this is so evident is because all the pain from everywhere else is melting away.
I cannot get up onto the ball of my foot for more than a second or two, due to the sharp stab of pain just below my ankle, where the metal plate ends. My foot physically cannot do it. (the metal plate was curved to fit over my ankle, I don't know if that has anything to do with this.)
When I try to do a knee bend, I don't feel a restriction at the top of my ankle anymore. As I mentioned before, the top of my ankle is no longer so stiff. :) However, when I try a knee bend, I feel my movement restricted. BINGO! It's coming from where the metal plate is located. It's exactly right there. No problem anywhere else!

I have been wearing my 2 inch heels almost all of the time now. At that height I am walking well, and my ankle feels good, and I can bend at the knee. When I'm barefoot, I notice discomfort in the area of the hardware, and my foot is actually not tracking properly when I walk. But in the 2 inch heels there's less stress on the hardware area when I walk. Sneakers are better than barefoot, but not nearly as comfortable as the 2" height is.
I'm wondering if getting that one screw taken out, will improve range of motion? I'll soon find out! :)
I had a brilliant thought the other day. My skates have heels that are 2". That means I can have an "OK" kneebend when I'm skating in them. Because of the heels I CAN skate. :) I can work with the kneebend that I have, until the day that I get all of the hardware out! I need to get my balance better before I begin skating again, or I will definitely be doing a lot of unnecessary falling! Happily, balance is improving, I'll say that.

Like the line of a Beatles song> "It's getting better all the time, better, better behhh'ter!'


Jose Joaquin Olmedo
He who does not hope to win has already lost.

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 Thu 9:52pm 2 June 2005
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