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Flanagan : My OS appointment. Good news!
Diary entry posted Fri 2:16pm 10 June 2005

Today was my long awaited Dr. appt with my OS.
I showed him that my toe point has improved a lot. My ankle feels stable, and my sense of balance is improving everyday. I walked in on my comfy 3+1/2 inch heels. I demonstrated my improved kneebend in heels. I took the shoes off, and showed him how limited my knee bend is when I'm NOT wearing heels. He seemed concerned.
He said that it was probably due to the loose screw. I had an ex-ray taken. All I can say is EWWWW< The loose screw goes thru the fibula, and extends out the other end behind my ankle towards the back. It looks awful. I am surprised that I don't have even MORE pain than I already have. The good news is that the ex-ray shows the break line is no longer there. It looks like it was never broken. But there's the issue of the hardware.........
He told me that he wants to remove all of the hardware after Labor Day. I broke my Fibula 3 months ago on March 4th, and he wants to wait a full 6 months before taking it out. I'm fine with that. I feel thankful that I don't have to wait longer. He said that I healed very well, and so quickly. He said,'You've come a long way in just 3 months.'
My appt is set for Sept. 12th as an outpatient. After the removal, I will need to be careful for a month he said, to give it time to heal.
Now I just need to get through June, July and August. I guess that I will be wearing heels as much as possible because I have better knee bend (which means better balance) no pain, and a perfectly normal gait.
After I left my appointment, I drove to DSW Shoes. I bought a great pair of sneakers for the Gym. I also bought a GREAT pair of Candies slides with a 3 +1/2 inch heel. Yep, they look just like Barbie Doll shoes. lol. So comfortable because they are light weight, and have great rubber traction on the bottom.
I'm feeling happy!!!!!!!!!!!! I just have the next three months to deal with, that's all.


The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing that you will make one.
--- Ellen Hubbard

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 Fri 2:16pm 10 June 2005
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