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Fola : 12 week update!
Diary entry posted Fri 5:18pm 4 October 2013

Or at least 2 days before.
For anyone out there reading this. Hello.
I hope you are doing well. It feels like a life time away and simultaneously no time at all since I sustained my trimalleolar fracture goodness. Reading back things have changed despite now two sprained wrists from my forearm crutches i'm confident with them and go to places. Plus i'm back at university now from the holidays which is a challenge admittedly but still quite possible.

On to my check up from two days ago as I had a trimalleolar fracture and I ripped my syndo ligament so I'm waiting now for my syndo screw to be taken out before im full weight bearing as of right now i'm 50% partial weight bearing.

Hoping the op will be in a few days if i'm honest as I really want to get back to it and fitness. Nothing strenuous however. I started physio 4 weeks ago prior to weight bearing so my dorsi and plantar flexion isn't too bad. Physio recommended hip exercises in prep for fwb.

I didn't realise how much the body was affected if i'm honest but i'm ready and feeling a lot better.

In terms of my pain. I have hardly any. I'm more trouble by my wrist honestly and i'm getting more pain from them - although not quite pain killer worthy.

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 Fri 5:18pm 4 October 2013
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