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 2nd ortho visit update
Ashleigh L.    3:38pm Mar 2 2017

Had an appointment with the ortho doctor on Tuesday. They wanted to check and see if my fib fracture had split any more and if I would need surgery or, had the full leg cast done the trick and prevented it from getting any worse. Good news! The xrays showed no further signs of further splitting of my fib fracture! So at least my leg isn't getting any worse! There's no signs of healing yet so that's kind of a bummer, but all in all, I felt pretty positive about the visit. They changed my cast. I got to pick a color this time! Yay! I went with the light blue. Its another full leg cast so, that's the only thing that I wasn't too happy about. But it's keeping me from having to get surgery so I'll deal with it.
Weird question...... for those of you that had casts at one time or another. Did strangers ever come up and ask if they could sign your cast?? If so, how did you respond? I was kind of weirded out a little about the whole thing. It would never have occurred to me to ask a random person something like that. I mean, I don't have any problem with my friends or family or people I know signing my cast but strangers? Really??

Jan. 31: fell at work, diagnosed spiral fracture of fibula, short leg splint
Feb.13: x-rays showed fib. fracture ''splitting'', fiberglass LLC to prevent further damage.
Feb. 28: cast change, blue LLC

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 2nd ortho visit update  new
Ashleigh L.  3:38pm Mar 2 2017
 Re: 2nd ortho visit update  new
dcb  2:22am Mar 3 2017
 Re: 2nd ortho visit update  new
Ashleigh L.  4:21pm Mar 3 2017
 Re: 2nd ortho visit update  new
Pauline M Hall  1:24am Mar 5 2017
 Re: 2nd ortho visit update  new
dcb  12:12pm Mar 5 2017
 Re: 2nd ortho visit update  new
toddchaney  6:40am Mar 17 2017

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