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 Broken femur, going bonkers at home
Xavier Liebaert (83.136.43.---)   10:15am Mar 3 2017

I was involved in a road traffic accident while cycling to work on January 6th. The driver saw me coming but misjudged my speed, pulled out from a side road and sent me flying into the oncoming traffic lane. I broke my right femur on impact, got a spiral subtrochanteric fracture, with a "butterfly" shard and the lesser trochanta broken off.

I heard the bone crunch but didn't feel anything. The bicycle is in surprisingly good condition.

The driver admitted full liability and his insurance will cover everything so at least that's a worry I don't have to deal with.

Anyway, the feeling of being on my left side on the ground with my right leg at an odd angle, trying to keep the scene under control while the driver was rather upset was quite interesting.

The ambulance took about 30 minutes to arrive. It only really started hurting when they rolled me onto the board to lift me into the ambulance. Loved the opioid painmeds i got that day.

Surgery was done the next day, there's now an IM pin in my femur with 2 nails at the knee and a large screw all through into the hipbone. The pieces were not fully aligned, there are a few gaps between the shards, and 2 pieces were left loose, of which the lesser trochanta. The hope is that they'll reattach themselves somehow.

2 weeks in hospital, depression set in enough to get the psych dept involved.

It's funny in a way, I did everything possible to be visible and be safe, I could not have avoided this and yet I feel guilty this happened. I am anxious every time I travel somewhere and am afraid to injure myself further every time I move. I feel fragile and feel down for any and no reason.

I'm home 6 weeks now. I still need help getting dressed, getting into the shower and am fully depending on my wife and friends. I'm also getting cabin fever... living in a rural area on our own. I cry nearly every day for no reason.
I can walk on crutches for longer distances now.

What has helped me thus far:

1/ I got light massage for the leg to loosen all the muscles of the leg and around the incisions (not standard practice) and help with stretching all the muscles (also not standard practice) nearly every day for 2 weeks after I got home.
2/ doing my exercises and using a static bicycle everyday, and walking outside every day as much as I could come rain or shine.

What hasn't helped:
1/ the prescribed muscle relaxants
2/ alcohol, that beer is so tempting when you have naught to do
3/ worries about work
4/ feelings of guilt and fear most days since the accident.

So far my story. Recovery will take God knows how long, I'm tired and despairing at the moment


Femoral intramedullary Nail, 3 screws.

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 Broken femur, going bonkers at home  new
Xavier Liebaert  10:15am Mar 3 2017
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Lena2017  11:23am Mar 3 2017
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dcb  1:32pm Mar 3 2017
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Jewels_16  11:02pm Mar 3 2017
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Xavier Liebaert  1:25pm Mar 5 2017
 Re: Broken femur, going bonkers at home  new
dcb  4:04pm Mar 5 2017

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