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 My broken femur - Help! Going Crazy
Spencer    3:49am Mar 7 2017

Hey guys,
Last Friday, feb 24th, I broke my femur in a dirt bike accident. I got very lucky that it wasn't anything worse. I broken the bone in half and splintered off a small part. I had IM nailing surgery on the 25th where I received a nail and 4 screws. Coming out of surgery I felt like I was never going to walk again.

I've now been home for one week and I am beginning to go crazy. I sit at home most days by myself so the boredom is incredible. One thing I have a question for you guys, what do you do to keep sane and busy? I need to do something other than lay on the couch and watch tv. I do do my PT exercises 3 times a day which gives me a little something to do.

Also, I have a zero weight bearing restriction. Hoping it gets lifted tomorrow so PT can start work me more. I'm 26, strong and healthy. Lifted weights 5 days a week prior to my accident. So I'm ready to be better.

One thing I'm really struggling with is sleeping. I can't sleep for more than a couple hours at night. I wake up all achey and my leg is still so tight. I never get back to bed for more than 15 minutes at a time. It's really starting to frustrate me. All I want is a good night sleep. Any suggestions?

Also, when did most of you with a broken femur begin walking. I so badly just want to walk. Right now I'm hobbling through my house like the grandpa off of UP! Drives me insane. I know all of this will eventually come to an end but I just have a hard time seeing the end.

Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions or help for me. I really need it!


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 My broken femur - Help! Going Crazy  new
Spencer  3:49am Mar 7 2017
 Re: My broken femur - Help! Going Crazy  new
dcb  9:21am Mar 7 2017
 Re: My broken femur - Help! Going Crazy  new
DeanG  9:57am Mar 7 2017
 Re: My broken femur - Help! Going Crazy  new
FuschiaNovember1980  8:02am Mar 8 2017
 Re: My broken femur - Help! Going Crazy  new
Pauline M Hall  12:30am Mar 9 2017
 Re: My broken femur - Help! Going Crazy  new
Xavier Liebaert  2:09pm Mar 14 2017
 Re: My broken femur - Help! Going Crazy  new
toddchaney  6:35am Mar 17 2017

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