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 New here: possible Achilles tendon complete rupture.
David's-achilles-popped    12:23pm Apr 2 2017

I'm new here and would appreciate some advice if possible. I started the day gardening and have at least a torn Achilles and at worst a totally ruptured Achilles in my left leg.
I was clearing a flower bed this morning (in glorious early spring sunshine in the UK) and dropped something into the patio - the patio was below a retaining wall below the lawn i was on. I jumped off the wall (a drop of less than 3 feet) and landed, lost my Ballance and instinctively tried to jump forward and...It was absolutely bizarre. I heard a pop inside my head and looked down at my leg, it feet like something or somebody had hit me on the back of my calf.
I kind of knew it wasn't good right then. My wife heard my yelping and came outside and helped me up off the ground where i had collapsed in a heap.
She took me to A&E at the local hospital and i got seen pretty much straight away (Sunday morning - very quiet).
The doctor examined me by getting me to kneel on a chair and he then pinched my calf muscles and told me he suspects i have completely ruptured my Achilles as there was no resistance when he squeezed my calf.
I had an MRI today: the Dr was non committal as he told me he need it to be looked at by the consultant i am now under. I go back on Friday for this.
I then got told until then i needed to have my leg put into plaster - i was semi-ok with this until, after being asked to take my shorts off (i assumed to stop them getting damaged as they put the plaster on ), they proceeded to wrap my leg in a tubigrip type bandage and then rolls of woolen stuff from my toes to my thigh before the plaster followed. It kind of happened fast before either me or my wife could ask any questions.
After a nurse spent some time explaining that i was in a temporary cast - called a back slab according to the instructions sheet i have been given - and it has to go above my knee on the assumption my Achilles is completely ruptured. I'm not entirely sure why??
It goes from.my toes to my nether regions (ie inner thigh) and my foot and toes point to the floor. I can't put any weight on my leg and I've only been in it for 7 hours or so and it's a complete bloody nightmare.
She ( the nurse) told me that when i see the consultant on Friday the likely options for treatment assuming it is completely ruptured are surgery to repair it plus a cast or a cast to allow the ends of the tendon to come together with the aid of gravity to repair on their own.
Oh my goodness. I don't want either.
I'm a bit bewildered by what has happened and by the temp cast I'm in. I'm 39. I broke my wrist a few years ago, wore a cast up to my elbow for a month and all was ok. This isnt the same at all.
If anyone has ruptured their Achilles or if any of you have had a cast from toes to thigh before i would really really appreciate any suggestions or comments or advice. I'm sort of just sat gawping at the plaster figuring out what on earth to do next.
I'm lost for answers hence my turning to this site. Searched online and this came up.

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 New here: possible Achilles tendon complete rupture.  new
David's-achilles-popped  12:23pm Apr 2 2017
 Re: New here: possible Achilles tendon complete rupture.  new
dcb  2:46pm Apr 2 2017
 Re: New here: possible Achilles tendon complete rupture.  new
David's-achilles-popped  3:28pm Apr 3 2017
 Re: New here: possible Achilles tendon complete rupture.  new
KimberlyF  10:47am Apr 11 2017
 Re: New here: possible Achilles tendon complete rupture.  new
toddchaney  6:19am Apr 13 2017
 Re: New here: possible Achilles tendon complete rupture.  new
SimonC  12:09am Apr 22 2017

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