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 metatarsal pain
Pauline M Hall    6:52am Apr 4 2017

Hope you are all coping. I am feeling frustrated. Had been building up my walking well and enjoying life when, last Wednesday, experienced pain over the top of my foot in metatarsal area. Hasn't improved so saw GP today. He doesn't think a stress fracture, (my main worry) but thinks the fact that my big toe is very bent has put strain on the rest of the foot and caused the pain. There is no swelling and no pain when at rest. It hurts when I strike off on it. Why this should happen now, when I have had a deformed big toe all my life, is a mystery. He says to give it 4 to 6 weeks to settle and then go back if still bad. I wear New Balance rigid sole shoes all the time and he says that will help. Have others had this pain when walking on the top of the foot. I thought it could be metatarsalgia but, on the net, it says that is in the ball of the foot. My balls are fine, so to speak!!! Any thoughts. Thanks.

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 metatarsal pain  new
Pauline M Hall  6:52am Apr 4 2017
 Re: metatarsal pain  new
susieq  5:20pm Apr 4 2017
 Re: metatarsal pain  new
dcb  12:55am Apr 5 2017
 Re: metatarsal pain  new
Pauline M Hall  1:00am Apr 5 2017
 Re: metatarsal pain  new
Pauline M Hall  5:38am Apr 5 2017
 Re: metatarsal pain  new
toddchaney  6:31am Apr 12 2017

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