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 broken tib/fib rugby
Westyr (85.255.236.---)   5:33am Apr 10 2017


I broke my tibia/fibula playing rugby on March 5th and I had a IM nail inserted the next with screws top and bottom. They left my fibula alone to heal as it's not anywhere critical so I have no cast.

I have changed hospitals as I broke my leg at an away game and the consultant seemed happy when I got the staples out.

All I have been told is that I can weight bear at much as I want. I haven't been referred to a physio yet and I have been left to it.

The pain I initially experienced standing up has pretty much gone and I can get around pretty well weight bearing on two crutches and even can walk on one but it's not pretty.

I have been flexing my ankle which seems to help but bending my knee feels really weird (like an alien is about to burst out of my knee).

My leg does hurt and the screw area on my ankle is sore. I have been trying to take codeine sparingly. I am going a bit crazy as I am an active person and a bit adhd. I used to ride my bike everywhere and being on crutches is so slow.

I am slightly concerned about how swollen my ankle get and the bizarre purple/red colour it goes. I think it's called blood pooling? I also have been getting some weird sensations across my foot.

My left quad has shrunk and my leg feels a bit wobbly. So I am looking for some recommendations on exercises? I have been squeezing a rugby ball between my knees.

or has anyone done similar and is back to running at 6 months. It's now been 5 weeks since the surgery and I am hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel.



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 broken tib/fib rugby  new
Westyr  5:33am Apr 10 2017
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AngieLanigan  5:11pm Apr 10 2017
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dcb  4:26am Apr 11 2017
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Westyr  8:06am Apr 16 2017
 Re: broken tib/fib rugby  new
toddchaney  6:38am Apr 11 2017

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