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 Re: questions about PWB
dcb    10:15am Apr 11 2017

Hi Caryn, it's difficult to generalise as everyone's injury is different and every individual heals at a different rate, based on age, fitness level etc. Some surgeons prefer their patients to stay NWB for six weeks, but some do start people PWB from as early as two weeks. (I would have LOVED) to have been allowed to start PWB at two weeks).

I know it can be hard to start putting more weight through the healing leg. There's a very good way to start PWB in a way that's fully CONTROLLED BY YOU - we call it the "slow dance":

Holding the kitchen counter or similar (nice and solid and stable), stand on both legs (at first you will put very little weight through the bad leg) and SLIGHTLY lift the heel of your good foot, then put it down again. As you lift the heel this automatically encourages you to put some weight on your bad leg. Do e.g. ten times, even if you are barely lifting your heel and hardly putting any weight onto the injured leg at first. Repeat several times during the day. This means you can gradually put more weight through the bad leg under control, while standing, which should make it easier to do it while walking.

If you want to get a bit more scientific/know how much weight you're putting on the bad leg: get some old-fashioned bathroom scales, with a dial (you can find them cheap in charity shops/thrift stores, often). Put large flat book(s) next to the scales so they're on the same level. Stand with one foot on the scales the other on the book (telephone directories are good if you still have them). Now you can see how much of your body weight you're putting on your bad foot, including as you do the "slow dance" and lift the heel of the other foot. It's a lot easier to put more weight through the leg when walking once you know you've put 90 or 100% of your body weight on it while standing.

I hope this helps - and good luck!

As far as the trip to Italy goes, it's highly likely that you will be walking by then (if slowly and not too long distances), although on a trip like that I'd highly recommend taking at least one crutch with you to give a clear signal that you need space and time - and to give you an assist if you need it.

Fibula Fx lat. malleolus Weber B 12 June 2015
ORIF plate 18 June. Cast problems (allodynia) so boot from 25th but NWB.
25 July start PWB in boot, 7 Aug PWB without boot. 14th Aug few steps FWB.
9 Sept 10-steps jog 25 Sept: PT says go run!

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