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 Broke my tib/fib
kyle_81    5:55am Apr 17 2017

Hi everyone,

I broke my right tib/fib during a baseball game on saturday morning (yes morning games are super annoying.) Long story short I was trying to slide into 3rd base when the guy on third suddenly swung around and fell on top of me. Unfortunately most of his weight fell on my right leg that was in front of me during the slide and i heard a loud snapping/popping noise. I was lying on my back felt my leg wasn't right and sat up a bit and looked down calmly and saw my leg was not straight. Called an umpire over and just said "I think I broke my leg".

Obviously that didn't last long and i was in a ton of pain when we got to the hospital. After x rays a doctor came out and said my leg was broken (good job sherlock) and told my parents and i we could choose between surgery or a cast. I know surgery takes less time but tbh i'm super uncomfortable with having a long rod in my leg so we chose a cast. They immediately wheeled me off to give me drugs and put me under. while i was knocked out they reduced my fracture and i woke up a couple hours later with my ENTIRE right leg in a HUGE cast. I wondered right then if i shouldve chosen surgery but then i remembered the rod and i felt better. I also wish they offered me a color instead of plain old white.

It's been a couple of days now and my leg still really hurts. If I keep it still it feels like a dull throb which isn't too bad but the pain is awful especially if I move my leg down or off of something. My cast is also super heavy and awkward but that's another story. Since I'm a very active person it's going to be hard getting used to sitting around elevating and icing my leg all day. I also never thought I'd say this but I'm going to miss school too. What has breaking my leg done to me..

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 Broke my tib/fib  new
kyle_81  5:55am Apr 17 2017
 Re: Broke my tib/fib  new
KimberlyF  3:36pm Apr 17 2017
 Re: Broke my tib/fib  new
kyle_81  5:45am Apr 19 2017
 Re: Broke my tib/fib  new
dcb  1:03am Apr 20 2017
 Re: Broke my tib/fib  new
Pauline M Hall  2:16pm Apr 22 2017
 Re: Broke my tib/fib  new
toddchaney  12:50am May 2 2017

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