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 Re: Brace
Lena2017    1:10pm Apr 18 2017

Elaine, thanks for shout out - too sweet. I also had a period of time just before becoming more independent when I was feeling super down. This is such a psychological journey. Don't feel bad at all. I assume that I will have these feelings again- my surgeon suggested that around 6 months - 9 months I will plateau and I will be frustrated. Plus just dealing with the every day is frustrating. I used to love taking showers- and now I dread it because they take so long and I have to sit through them. My days are super boring and everything I do takes 2x as long.

In regards to the equipment, I've gotten rid of the toilet chair/commode and wheelchair but I've kept the walker and shower chair (and crutches). Around the house I use the walker to do some exercises- lift up on my tip toes and back down again- but not much else. I'm waiting to see a highly recommended physiotherapist to help me with next steps. I waited to see my surgeon to ask for a referral and the whole process is taking way too long in my opinion.

Make sure you're taking your calcium and vitamin d3 and resting. I think junk food may delay the healing too- which is bad because at night I've caved many times with chips and chocolate. Oh well. What can we do? Only the best we can each day.

Good luck for the rest of the countdown!!!


Jan 2017- tib/fib fracture from fall
Jan 3- surgery IM nail, screws
Jan 18 -2-week follow-up- staples out NWB, PT
Feb 15 - 6-week follow-up- callous forming, 50% WB allowed, PT
April 5 - 13-week follow up- bone healing well, can stand bootless

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