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 frustrated - 7 weeks post accident
Lorike    8:36am Apr 29 2017

So I don't have a broken leg this time (I broke my right leg - tibia and fibular 10 years ago and have a metal plate about half an inch above my ankle) but I have torn one ankle ligament completely and one partially and seriously it feels like this recovery has been even worse then when I broke it originally.

I have been told by Dr's that a new injury close to where you have metal in your body from a previous injury is normally a more complex recovery. At least my plate and the bones seem unaffected.

I had a back slab (half cast) for the first 10 days and then got a boot (so much more comfortable). Have been weight bearing since week 3 with crutches and without crutches for the past 10 days. I used the boot when going out or if I will be on my feet alot but at home I am managing to get around without it (albeit very slowly). However my ankle is still bruised and swollen (7 weeks after the accident). It is still painful. I have limited movement in it and am still waiting for my first physio appointment (despite a referral from fracture clinic after 2 and a half weeks I won't get my first physio session until it is 8 and a half weeks post accident).

Everything I have read says that with ligaments the earlier you start physio the better chance of good recovery. I still aren't allowed to drive and as I live on a farm there is no public transport here so I'm pretty much housebound - which is just adding to my frustration.

After my original broken leg I never got back complete movement in my ankle, still had the odd pain and could not do any sort of bouncing/jumping/skipping movement as the pain when my foot hit the ground would reverberate up the metal plate and cause extreme pain. I was also warned that I had a high likelihood of early onset arthritis in the ankle joint due to the metal plate but it had been ok.

Now I'm just feeling so frustrated as it seems tearing ligaments is just as bad (possibly even worse) then breaking a leg.

Has anyone else torn ligaments before? Anyone else reinjured the same leg where you have a metal plate from a previous injury - and if so what was your recovery like? Once I finally get started on the physio how long do you think it should take before I'll be allowed to drive?
For the first 10 days after accident my ankle was twice the size of my good foot. It's now down to only being about 20% bigger. However I have greatly reduced movement. For example my GP (doctor) gave me some exercises to do and one involves keeping your leg flat and toes against the wall and bend your leg until knee touches wall. With my good leg I can do it with ease. With my injured leg I am still more than 15 cm from the wall and my leg simply can't stretch any more, and the pain starts to get unbearble.

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 frustrated - 7 weeks post accident  new
Lorike  8:36am Apr 29 2017
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Lorike  7:19pm Jun 6 2017

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