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 Re: frustrated - 7 weeks post accident
dcb    4:26am May 1 2017

Lorike, sympathies. No ligaments, but I tore my posterior tibial tendon (important one on the inside of the ankle) a few years back (cycling accident) and I was in an ankle brace with an air cushion under the inside arch for 5 months. However, I am now back to running ultramarathons.

Ligaments and tendons do take ages. The good news is this means that not much progress at 7 weeks doesn't mean it won't improve further.

Physio should really help, once that starts. Particularly if you do the exercises the phyio gives you to do - keep a chart and if you have to do 10 reps of each of 6 exercises 4 times a day, then do them and give yourself a gold star (or a treat!) at the end of the day.

Keep elevating the foot when you can - if possible a couple of times a day lie on you back with the leg above you, up against a wall for 5-10 minutes.

Good luck!

Fibula Fx lat. malleolus Weber B 12 June 2015
ORIF plate 18 June. Cast problems (allodynia) so boot from 25th but NWB.
25 July start PWB in boot, 7 Aug PWB without boot. 14th Aug few steps FWB.
9 Sept 10-steps jog 25 Sept: PT says go run!

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