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 Re: frustrated - 7 weeks post accident
Lorike    6:24am May 1 2017

Thanks dcb,

I think I've found this harder than when I broke my leg because with a broken bone and cast everyone else knew it would be a long recovery and many of my friends tried to rally around me and help (I'm a single mum and live on a small farm with my daughter so really did need all the help I could get. When I broke my leg originally I had a 10 yr old, now she's 20 and living interstate and I have a 5 year old as a solo mum by choice). However a torn ligament (for people with no experience of it) doesn't sound as bad, one of my friends even went as far as to tell her mum "oh she didn't break any bones this time, it's JUST a sprained ankle". Of course most people have done minor sprains in their lifetime and if not walking that day are normally up and walking within a few days at most. Not many people have done a grade 3 sprain and actually torn ligaments so people compare my injury to those simple twisted ankle symptoms which are quickly healed.

I had one friend 4 weeks after the accident invite my daughter and I over for tea and I had to remind her I still couldn't drive. She replied back "oh, I didn't realise it was that serious". Maybe I haven't whinged enough! LOL Anyway she ended up getting her hubby to pick us up and take us back to her place for tea and then she drove us home again. A week later she told me she could understand how frustrating it would be being housebound on my farm and they'd organise to have us over again soon but I haven't heard from her again (except for her to borrow my horse float - since obviously I won't be using it when I can't drive let alone ride a horse).

Another friend told me on Friday (almost 7 weeks post accident) that she didn't realise I still hadn't been given the all clear to drive or that I was still having problems walking (hobbling) because since she hadn't heard from me she assumed I was ok. Well I'm not going to ring people who don't ring me to give them weekly updates of what I still can't do! I have put updates on my facebook page though - photos showing how much swelling has gone down and weekly updates of how long it has been that I have been unable to drive because I can't believe it has been this slow a recovery and hell I'm bored and lonely and frustrated and my daughter is also really frustrated. She can get the school bus from outside our farm gate (thank god as otherwise she wouldn't have been able to go to school) but can't go to her dance class or any other activities outside of school. Can't visit friends etc. She's been great but this afternoon she was coming up with ideas about who we might be able to ask to drive her to go to various things because it's been such a long time since she's done anything other than just go to school and come home. She's only 5 so 7 weeks to a 5 year old feels like 6 months!

I tried to convince my Dr to let me drive based on the fact I have adaptive cruise control so I could just get the car started and then use the steering wheel up and down arrows to adjust my speed and use my left leg for the brake. He told me I wouldn't be covered by insurance if I had an accident driving that way. :-(

March 2017 - complete tear anterior talofibular ligament and partial tear calcaneofibular ligament.
Jan 2007 - Broke tibia and fibula. Metal plate half an inch above ankle joint. Some pain and stiffness a decade later!

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