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 Re: PTB- Non Weight Bearing
Mohit Jangid    2:10am May 3 2017

Thank you Jonathan and Elaine. I have been reading a lot on the recovery period associated with compound open fracture and I think that because of the location and severeness of fracture, the doctors have suggested me for 12 weeks of NWB. On my last visit, Doctor suggested to use the brace as much as possible when I'm doing my daily chores.
So I decided to start going to office from May 1. I discussed with doc already. I am able to walk with the brace well enough though when I come back home in the evening , there is some swelling and itching in the distal part where the metal screws are. It is happening for the last two days. The swelling does go away in the morning after keeping the leg elevated and some toe movement exercises. Is this happening to you as well or is it something to be concerned about?
> Hi , I broke my tibia and fibula in a cliff jumping accident.
> I know it sounds horrible and cant even begin to think how I
> felt that night. I had IM Nail surgery to put the things
> together as It was an open fracture. It has been almost 7and
> half weeks since the surgery and I'm still NWB. On my last
> visit, doctor put me in PTB - Patella Tendon Brace so that I
> could walk without putting any weight on my injured leg for
> another 6 weeks.
> I have been reading on the recovery period and I found
> out that generally OS suggests PWB after 6 weeks to
> accelerate the bone healing. I want to know if NWB is okay
> for another 6 weeks and It will not have a negative impact on
> my bone healing.
> March 4th,17 Night - broke my left tibia, fibula (shin bone
> in the middle) due to fall
> March 6th,17 Morning - Surgery, IM Nail insertion in tibia,
> x ray showed good alignement
> March 23rd,17 - Stiches removed
> April 23rh,17 - PTB suggested for another 6 weeks

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