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 Beyond Frustrated and Scared
Honey Badger 302    4:11pm May 15 2017

So, I got a tib/fib pilon fracture back on Dec 3, 2016. ER sent me home to see my local ortho, by that time I had developed a fracture blister. Two surgeries to repair the leg over the rest of December. The sore left from the blister was stubborn about healing, but eventually did seem to heal over about the time I was released for weight bearing (March 19, 2017). Things seemed to be going well until the week of April 10th when inflammation over the tibia plate turned out to be a brewing infection.

That landed me in surgery for a debribe and clean, and then oral antibiotics until I met with Infectious Disease, and now I'm facing down 6 weeks of IV antiobiotics and a PICC line which is going in tomorrow.

I'm pretty anti-doctor and VERY anti-needles, and the idea of a picc line has me terrified. I'm already fighting an infection - with a 1 in 4 chance of the picc getting infected I'm not dealing with this very well. Plus, all the horror stories you can find surrounding orthopedic infections.

At this point the bone isn't involved yet (or wasn't at the time of the last surgery), ortho is trying to buy a couple more months for the bones to heal, and we will likely be removing the hardware later this summer (6 weeks of antibiotics, 2 weeks for the infection to re-manifest - which I'm assuming it probably will - then schedule removal followed by another course of antibiotics).

I've had a couple friends who've had picc lines who've patiently answered my constant questions - since I'm not sick otherwise, I'm still expected to be at work and still live my life. I intend to continue riding and racing, some people seem to take things pretty easy, others don't, and I'm not seeing a huge difference in outcomes - seems to boil down to personal comfort.

Already stocking up on the supplies I'll need, sleeves, etc - FML.

I'm really, REALLY hoping this thing is far less scary than I'm imagining it to be, because right now, I'm terrified....especially for it being as long as it's going to be. A couple weeks would be one thing, not as big of a deal - but 6 weeks is a long time and a LOT of opportunities to make one small mistake that could end in tragedy.

I'd really like to know what gods I pissed off to be stuck in this situation. Nothing about this has gone in my favor....while my ortho wasn't "surprised" by this happening, it's not his leg it's on, so I'm a bit reluctant to just accept that it's "normal."

No point to this really other than vent to some people who might understand or have gone through similar....

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 Beyond Frustrated and Scared  new
Honey Badger 302  4:11pm May 15 2017
 Re: Beyond Frustrated and Scared  new
dcb  2:39pm May 16 2017
 Re: Beyond Frustrated and Scared  new
toddchaney  1:10am Jun 8 2017

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