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 Persistent Ankle Pain after Foot Fracture
huis    5:48am May 20 2017

Hi all,

Wow haven't been on this forum for a long time since life got in the way! Anyway, I've been having a niggling question about my foot and am hoping to get some advice from anyone :)

I fractured my fifth metatarsal nearly six months ago (end-Nov 2016) and went through the NWB and boot and crutches and everything. I'm currently attending physiotherapy and have been FWB since end of March.

What I'm worried about is the pain that still persists in my inner ankle. I did not fracture my ankle, but oddly enough it's the ankle that hurts - my fracture site does not hurt at all (my last x-rays in March showed that the bone has joined back). The pain level differs depending on how much exertion I've had on my foot, and is also particularly bad in the middle of the night/wee hours of the morning. It's mostly bearable but there when I walk too much, which is very annoying.

Has anyone been through this and have any advice on whether this is normal? My doctor and PT have not been able to provide much advice, besides sharing that it could be a ligament issue. However they seem to think that it's not worth exploring and that the pain will likely go away with time (My PT told me that some people continue to exercise with a torn ligament/no ligament). I'm worried though, because it's been 6 months post-injury and I really want to be able to go back to running and stuff soon :( Is it worth getting this checked out or should I continue to wait? I'm also toying with the idea of seeking a second opinion but it will be costly...

Thanks in advance for the advice! Am really thankful to know of this community to turn to.

30 nov'16: 5th metatarsal mid-shaft spiral FX
1 dec: plaster cast
16 dec: aircast, NWB
27 jan'17: Cleared to start PWB.
31 jan: 1st PT session, PWB with crutches and boot
16 feb: PT, WBAT with aircast
24 mar: Boot off, FWB! :) PT continues...

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huis  5:48am May 20 2017
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toddchaney  3:12am Jun 10 2017

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