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 Re: weight gain :(
Cathy H.    9:28pm Jun 4 2017

Gaining weight seems to be a common one here! I too gained 15 lbs in my first 8 weeks. I thought that was crazy! I mean yes I am not as active since i was non weight bearing but I also know exercise is not the way you lose weight. Evidently being inactive helps you gain weight though! LOL. I am still trying to continue to eat well and think positively as what we think is what creates our reality. I am just moving into my 12th week and I have already lost 10 of the 15 lbs. Yeah! I use a wheelchair in the house to keep active as the wheelchair allows me to carry things and move things around as needed. I use a walker otherwise as I find this way more stable than crutches. I have been upgraded from bumming it up the stairs to using a cane now. Bumming it up the stairs sure helped with toning my triceps. I still go backwards up the stairs though. Anyone else find this easier and more stable? Gaining weight definitely doesn't help with moving around that is for sure.

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