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 Re: Is this pain normal?
AngieLanigan    7:09pm Jun 9 2017

I would consider a follow up with your OS and see what they suggest.

Personally, I'm 2.5 years out from my break, and I haven't managed to recover full range of motion in my ankle, but my tibia break was very close to the joint. Things like stairs and inclines aren't smooth for me anymore, but I was never a particularly athletic person to begin with LOL so it doesn't affect my day to day much.

As for the pain, I think that constant sharp pain like you're describing maybe isn't totally normal and is worth that follow up. I do still sometimes get achy pains, both in my ankle and up my fibula (3 breaks in my fib with lots of hardware). Usually it happens when it's particularly cold and/or damp, or if I've been on my feet for a long time.

Dec 1, 2014 Tib/Fib/Talus fractures x5
Dec 5 surgery. Jan 19 DVT
Feb 9 Cast off, WBAT, PT
Feb 18 Walker to Crutches. Mar 4 Stairs. Mar 10 Crutches to cane
Apr 15 No more cane
Dec 2016 Still dealing with PTSD and anxiety, therapy ongoing.

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