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 Post surgery "throbbing"
David Coombes (2.29.172.---)   12:09pm Jun 12 2017

Just come across this site after breaking my leg almost two weeks ago. Firstly, I want to say this an amazing site, I'll be trawling through the posts during the long recovery road I'm on.

I broke my Tib and Fib playing football (soccer) and have just been released home on crutches, after succesful plates/pin/screws on Friday. I'm a very active person and these two weeks are really tough already - but I'm staying positive and upbeat on he whole. Minor blips along the way so far, the biggest being cancelling my trip to NZ - but it's for the best and these things happen.

One question I have that I'm hoping someone can help with. Although through the process I've not been pain free, in the most it's been bareable. Now the surgery is done and I've been released home, I was looking forward to begin to be more independent and active. The one thing stopping me, the throbbing!! As soon as I lower my leg the pain is unbearable. I know I'm only three days out of surgery, but I wondered how long it takes for this to reduce? It's worse than the break itself

Any tips and knowledge that anyone has would be amazing! I look forward to reading the rest of this discussion page!


31st May - Tibia and Fibula break playing soccer
2nd June - unsuccessful surgery due to swelling
9th June - successful surgery, released home 10th June

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 Post surgery "throbbing"  new
David Coombes  12:09pm Jun 12 2017
 Re: Post surgery "throbbing"  new
Kasia  12:24pm Jun 12 2017
 Re: Post surgery "throbbing"  new
David Coombes  1:24pm Jun 12 2017
 Re: Post surgery "throbbing"  new
Kasia  2:52pm Jun 12 2017
 Re: Post surgery "throbbing"  new
dcb  2:34am Jun 13 2017
 Re: Post surgery "throbbing"  new
David Coombes  2:57am Jun 13 2017
 Re: Post surgery "throbbing"  new
dcb  3:53am Jun 13 2017
 Re: Post surgery "throbbing"  new
Alisony  8:30am Jun 16 2017
 Re: Post surgery "throbbing"  new
toddchaney  6:32am Jul 4 2017

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