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 No sooner one cast gone than another one on
Nikki Blake    10:16am Jun 19 2017

I am absolutely gutted!

I know this is not strictly applicable here so hope you don't mind. Just over a week ago I was enjoying a sunny Saturday afternoon with a dear friend of mine, sat at her stables. I was priding myself on just about getting back to some normality after breaking my leg in October. After lots of complications a lot of the time now I can walk fairly ok with one crutch in my left hand. I only need two if I am tired, have overdone it a bit or going to be on my feet for longer.

One minute I was sat on the chair and the next I was in a heap on the floor with severe pain in my left arm. The chair I was sitting on was somewhat elderly and had totally collapsed. I hit the ground hard, my left hand and arm hitting first. My poor friend was nearly hysterical in panic bless her so I kept quiet about the pain in my arm. My hubbie and I were just about to leave anyway so once I got to my feet, we said our goodbyes and left. I said to hubby that I thought I needed to go to hospital as I couldn't move my left arm without extreme pain.

Got seen by the assessment nurse quickly who splinted my arm and put it in a sling to keep it still until the doctor was ready to see me. A rather painful examination followed by even more painful X-rays. Diagnosis was fractured scaphoid in my wrist, fractured thumb and fractured elbow. I am now in a large and heavy plaster to my elbow and in a sling 24/7 to immobilise my elbow as they didn't want to cast that. The cast totally encases my thumb and comes up to my middle knuckles on my fingers so my hand is totally unusable.

Just existing is almost impossible. I cannot wash without help, can't dress myself, make a drink. My food has to be cut up for me. Even reading a magazine or book is hard. Sleeping is every bit as bad as when I broke my leg as the sling is terribly uncomfortable and if I accidentally put any pressure on my elbow the pain is awful. The worst is, I am now back to using a wheelchair as I can't manage without a crutch yet but can't use my left arm. I feel such a fool sat in the wheelchair with my arm in a cast and sling.

I am so sorry to be moaning here when it's my arm not my leg that is broken but I thought folks here would understand my frustration having just about got my leg fixed.

10 Oct2016 fx 3rd and 4th metatarsals, fx fib. Aircast, 21 Nov 2016: back to hospital following a fall. Fx fib still. Spiral fx tib. LLC 25 Nov realign fx tib/fib re fx 3&4 metatarsal

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 No sooner one cast gone than another one on  new
Nikki Blake  10:16am Jun 19 2017
 Re: No sooner one cast gone than another one on  new
AW  1:39pm Jun 19 2017
 Re: No sooner one cast gone than another one on  new
dcb  4:07pm Jun 19 2017
 Re: No sooner one cast gone than another one on  new
elaine smith  8:02pm Jun 21 2017
 Re: No sooner one cast gone than another one on  new
toddchaney  5:38am Jul 6 2017
 Re: No sooner one cast gone than another one on  new
toddchaney  5:39am Jul 6 2017

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