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 Re: Broken Leg Depression
dcb    3:16pm Jun 21 2017

Jacquie, my sympathies. First, let me reassure you that what you are feeling is NORMAL. You've had a big shock to the system , with pain and blood loss (bones bleed) and probably lost sleep, and loss of ability to do things and having to rely on others and... of course you feel down. Crying is a good way to let out the tension. And ask questions and we will try to answer them.

Elaine has already given some practical advice. I found it best to have everything, pretty much, in arms-reach of the sofa where I spent most of the time during the day at the start. Including a travel kettle and mugs and some of my favourite teas. And tissues. And books, and my laptop. And make sure there's always a spare toilet roll in the bathroom!

Keep the leg elevated as much as possible - that's heart-height or higher, so raised on pillows/cushions if sitting on the sofa or when in bed, to improve blood flow back to the heart. If allowed, and if pain allows, keep your ankle mobilised as well as your knee - joints get stiff quite easily and then take time to get loosened up again. Yes, the leg will feel vulnerable - consider a large bean bag for resting it on/in at night - it will sink in and feel safe. I was able to shower by (with my husband's help, initially) sliding from a chair by the bath onto a low plastic stool in the bath, and having my leg up on a Swiss ball (balance ball) with some of the air taken out so it cradled the leg. Didn't manage that every day - made do with washing with a face cloth the rest of the time.

Good luck!

Fibula Fx lat. malleolus Weber B 12 June 2015
ORIF plate 18 June. Cast problems (allodynia) so boot from 25th but NWB.
25 July start PWB in boot, 7 Aug PWB without boot. 14th Aug few steps FWB.
9 Sept 10-steps jog 25 Sept: PT says go run!

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