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 Almost 6 weeks & feeling better
Alisony    2:40am Jun 24 2017

Hi everyone! It's 5 & 1/2 weeks now since my car accident and I'm starting to feel better and can see a glimmer of light ahead of me.

I had closed reduction and percutaneous screw fixation (i.e minimal invasion surgery) on my tibia and open reduction internal fixation of my fibula. I have a total of 17 screws as it was a particularly nasty break in 4 places. At the start I felt so depressed and the cast was uncomfortable but over the last couple of weeks there has been a lot of progress and my mood has lifted.

With the surgery I was "lucky" to have only a short cast, however it caused me many problems with blisters and sores which were extremely painful, especially with swelling. At the 3 week mark, my surgeon removed the cast and I had bandages only which was a huge relief but they still rubbed on my sores. Then a few days ago I was allowed to remove the bandage completely and now I wear only a long cotton sock when I'm out, but am bare-legged at home. This feels such a luxury and I no longer need to wear a plastic bag in the shower. HUGE progress!

I'm still on toe-touch weight bearing and will be for at least another fortnight, but it doesn't seem so difficult now. My seatbelt and whiplash injuries have almost all gone so my crutches are more comfortable now too.

A word on crutches: I am using the underarm crutches. I've been receiving a lot of pressure from people around me to use forearm crutches which they claim are better and my friend even bought me a pair. I find the forearm crutches so difficult! At 53 years I just don't have the balance or strength for these, despite being slim and fit. I've been trying for 5 days in the house but can't manage even 1 step with them. So despite all the "I don't want to interfere, but......" comments from almost everyone around me, I'm going to stick with the underarm crutches for now. At least I can manage 3 steps and uphill with these.

So for those just starting on their broken leg journey, it does get easier. I still have bad days but they are less frequent now that I've developed my routine.

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 Almost 6 weeks & feeling better  new
Alisony  2:40am Jun 24 2017
 Re: Almost 6 weeks & feeling better  new
susieq  7:20am Jun 24 2017
 Re: Almost 6 weeks & feeling better  new
toddchaney  6:02am Jul 31 2017

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