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 Good News :)
DJ Mike    2:57am Jun 29 2017


I know a lot of people probably fall off the radar after their injuries are mended, but I just wanted to stop by and give a quick update as to my progress. It's all GOOD NEWS. I was in a pretty bad RTA in September 2014 where I was getting something out of the boot of my car, and a Taxi driver (on his sat nav) crushed me between my car and his. I sustained two broken legs (lower tib/fib breaks) - one open compound fracture and the other closed compound fracture.

After being in a wheelchair for 4 months and then NWB on right leg for 4 months, I built up with physio /gym/sheer determination to get back to where I am now. Pretty much back to normal.

I have no daily pain, no reminders of the accident thanks to excellent counselling. I have a shark bite size scar on my inner right leg which (with 4 further operations) would cosmetically fix, but honestly, I'm fine with it so as long as it doesn't change in any way (there is no dermis just epidermis - I think that's right), it is obvious I have sustained an injury but it doesn't bother me cosmetically.

So what's changed:

I have IM nails in both legs for life (will stay in unless they cause a problem)
I have a sizeable scar inside right leg
I can run (for a bus for example) and can even run on a treadmill for around 5-10 minutes as long as I don't over do it!)
I have a 7 degree valgus deformation in right leg where IM nail didn't go in straight (was my consultant on the drink the night before? :) - basically if I lie down and look straight down at my right leg, it goes off to the right, below the knee. It's not blatantly obvious as it's only out by 7 degrees but still noticeable.

Just wanted to stop by and say that good can come from bad. My accident taught me some valuable lessons that there are a lot of people who care. Initially I was inundated with messages of support and offers of help. This quickly dwindled and I found out who the genuine people were.

I stayed positive throughout even after a couple of meltdowns which I took out on people close to me - this was all part of the healing process). I ate well, loads of fruit, vegetables and chicken bone broth soup, and plenty of rest (my daily routine became reading and TV for a while). I had lymphatic massages to aid circulation, and I took a holistic approach to healing.

What's the one lasting message that I would like to share - even in your darkest hour when your anxiety and uncertainty is at its worst, you WILL recover. Try and stay positive and look after your body and mind. It's the most important tools you have to recover. Juat remember, the mind and body are amazing and can do things beyond our comprehension.

Stay positive.

Love and Light,

Mike @!#$

12th sept RTA
2 BL
Left - proximal 1/3 shaft closed fracture tib/fib
Right - comminuted open fracture proximal tib/fib
13th Sept - IM nail both legs - Left straight to FWB no cast, right NWB
16th Sept - Split skin graft approx 9 x 6"

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 Good News :)  new
DJ Mike  2:57am Jun 29 2017
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DJ Mike  5:07am Jun 29 2017
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MGC  7:00pm Jul 1 2017
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toddchaney  6:04am Jul 31 2017

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