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 5th metatarsal - questions (advice, depression, loved ones)
AlexandriaM    2:36pm Jun 29 2017

Hi everyone,

I know this isn't a leg injury, but I hope that is still allowed.

I fractured my R 5th metatarsal about a week ago (did it stepping down from something and not paying attention, so silly), it's a mid-shaft, oblique, spiral fracture with only minimal displacement.

A few questions:
1) Does any one have any experience with a similar fracture? I went to urgent care and they gave me a walking boot and said I could WBAT. The attending physician even said that they sometimes just treat these fractures with running shoes (which I think is ridiculous from all of my time spent googling and reading research journal articles this week). I've been WBAT, have literally no pain, minimal swelling, and see an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow (armed with a large list of questions depending on what he says).

2) I'm hoping that situational depression is normal for these type of injuries? I am typically a very happy and upbeat person, but this has got me down in the dumps and a constant ball of anxiety (daily crying sessions anyone?).

3) Any advice on how to help loved ones deal? My boyfriend (we live together) is great, but also works a very high stress job and I haven't found him incredibly supportive. We got into a bit of a tiff during one of my sadder moments at the beginning of the week and I'm not sure how to best get him to understand my situation right now.

I am so happy to have found this place!

Thanks everyone.

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 5th metatarsal - questions (advice, depression, loved ones)  new
AlexandriaM  2:36pm Jun 29 2017
 Re: 5th metatarsal - questions (advice, depression, loved ones)  new
dcb  12:55pm Jun 30 2017
 Re: 5th metatarsal - questions (advice, depression, loved ones)  new
AW  7:16am Jul 1 2017
 Re: 5th metatarsal - questions (advice, depression, loved ones)  new
Tiffany2  9:59am Jul 5 2017

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