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 My tib/fib fracture
MGC    10:02am Jul 1 2017

Just found this group after 6 weeks of a lot of couch time. I am a 56 yo male. My break was at work on 5-17-17. I was performing some tests inside in a very large pressurized tank like structure. There was only one access door open that was 3' diameter. Long story short, I walked too close to the door and got sucked out (similar to getting sucked out of an airplane). My leg hit the door frame on the way out and thus my open tib/fib break.

My accident was in the morning and my operation was late that night. I got a IM Rod with two screws by the knee and 2 screws by the ankle. I had a lot of soft tissue damage at the impact site and some damaged muscle removed. I was told I was FWB the morning after the surgery and was walking the hospital hall in a couple of days (albeit with a limp) with a walker just for balance.

Out of the hospital after 5 days and the blood rush to the foot/leg began (along with the pressure/pain) almost right after discharge and I was mostly couch bound for the next 10 days until the pain lightened up. I have been in PT 3 times a week starting the second week.

At 6 weeks, I am now crutch free with a limp. No signs of bone healing on the 6 week xray. I have a history of poor circulation/edema/vericose vein in the injured leg, so the OS decided to put me on daily Exogen UT. My current struggle is with dorsiflexing. I am at 0 deg and I believe 10 deg is required for normal walking. When I do the push the knee towards the wall stretch, the pain is unbearable on the front of my leg above the ankle. The towel stretch doesn't hurt much at all. Was this a major issue for any of you? Any advice?


5-17-17 Open tib&fib fracture. IM rod 4 screws. FWB
6-5-17 stitches removed
6-28-17 started Exogen UT

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 My tib/fib fracture  new
MGC  10:02am Jul 1 2017
 Re: My tib/fib fracture  new
dcb  1:51pm Jul 1 2017
 Re: My tib/fib fracture  new
toddchaney  6:07am Jul 31 2017

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