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 Broken femur from fall and lower body cast Need advice
susan dillard    7:54pm Jul 3 2017

My eldest daughter, Cami, was out with some of her friends at a local dam with a few of her friends. That was June 21st two days after her 17th birthday. Unfortunately she was goofing around and ended up fall 10-15 feet off a retaining wall onto concrete. The worst injury is a broken right femur other injuries included a broken tibia, broken fibula, and a broken forearm. She underwent surgery for the tibia and fibula immediately and then was placed in a short leg splint. The femur was placed in traction. The surgeon intended to surgically repair the femur as well but decided they had it lined up so well in the traction device that he just decided to leave it. After almost two weeks in the hospital Cami is set to come home on Wednesday. Today the traction device was removed and she was placed in a one and one half spica cast. It covers the lower half of her body from toes up on the right leg and from knee up on the left ending around her ribcage. There is a hole in the cast for bodily functions and a bar between her legs to stabalize the cast. It's hard to explain but google it if you want. And her right arm is in a fingers to upper arm long arm cast as well. Poor girl I feel so bad for her. We have it all set up to receive home health care three times a week. As well as we have a hospital bed set up in our house. I just want to know some tips on how to help her. I guess probably emotionally the most. I mean physically she's healing well but often breaks out in tears. And I totally understand. I just want some tips about caring for somebody so immobilized and how to make her feel better. Any help is much appreciated. I'm sure I will have other questions as well. Thank you.

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 Broken femur from fall and lower body cast Need advice  new
susan dillard  7:54pm Jul 3 2017
 Re: Broken femur from fall and lower body cast Need advice  new
Alisony  8:33am Jul 4 2017
 Re: Broken femur from fall and lower body cast Need advice  new
dcb  1:04am Jul 5 2017
 Re: Broken femur from fall and lower body cast Need advice  new
Jewels_16  4:41pm Jul 8 2017

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