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 Tibia finally healing!
Jonathon    12:38pm Jul 4 2017

I posted a couple months back now, looking for advice regarding my then 8 week old injury not showing healing on xray.
Well, since then I had my 12 week xrays which showed bone rounding and fracture line clouding, but still not any callus formation.

Just the other day I went for my 18 week xrays, and finally the tibia is healing. There's pronounced callus formation and consolidation throughout the break. My OS doesn't want to see me back until October, and is fairly confident that will be my last visit with him. So for everyone dealing with similar situations, I'm here to tell you that sometimes it just takes a while. But listen to your body, lack of pain, ability to weight bear well, and lack of tenderness at the fracture sight are all good indicators of healing, even if there's no radiological signs apparent.

Seems like I'm well on my way, and mine was a nasty comminuted break very low on the leg, only a couple inches above the ankle. Remember that the farther down the tibia the break is, the farther from the average healing time you're likely to get.

That being said, both my fibula breaks healed fine... of course. But the tibia just decided to take it's time.

The only real problem aside from the limp, is the lack of full dorsiflection in my ankle, it still doesn't like to go much past 20 degrees, which is the bottom end of functional. But my OS tells me to keep working at it, it tends improve quickly at first then much more gradually after. Range of motion in all other directions is almost back to normal, and isn't an issue at all.

So good luck everyone, and remember that the 6 to 8 week thi g is usually a brash generalization.

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 Tibia finally healing!  new
Jonathon  12:38pm Jul 4 2017
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susieq  4:03am Jul 5 2017
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toddchaney  6:01am Aug 17 2017

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