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 So does the pain go away?
FuschiaNovember1980    8:12am Jul 9 2017

I'm 10 months post-break and surgery. I walk every day for 30-45 minutes (either at lunch time or after work with my dog) and am signing up to meet with a personal trainer too. I really want to lose the weight I gained during all of this and while I'm focusing on my diet, I know that exercise will help me too.

I'm trying to keep up on my PT but some days it's soooo sore. I'd say most days it's sore. Swelling, throbbing. Yesterday I went to the gym and did 15 minutes on a recumbant bike. I could barely walk at home and the pain was shooting up my leg. I took an Aleve and even tried a Tramacet while icing it. I eventually fell asleep but dear god it hurt!

My surgeon forgot about me and didn't book my last 3-month follow up so now I won't see him until September- so I can't really ask him for guidance. I had a physical with my new family doctor and she told me that unfortunately it will always hurt and never go back to normal. I was so shocked by this view and left that office determined to not let that be my life. I want to be able to play tag with my son and well, running again would be nice too.

Sorry for the long post, I just feel like nobody can help me and I don't know where to turn. Can anyone guide me on the pain and swelling and if there's something I should be asking the doctor (I think I'll get a new doctor- she also told me that PT is a waste of time).

I will see my physiotherapist next Thursday and will tell her about the pain getting in the way of the exercises (and sleep).

09/30/2016- Fell in home, broke tib/fib. Surgery with hdwr
11/23/2016- Cast off, 50% WB and boot for next 6 wks
12/21/2016- Started physio
01/25/2017- FWB with boot for 6 +wks
03/15/2017- Boot off! Walking and physio

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 So does the pain go away?  new
FuschiaNovember1980  8:12am Jul 9 2017
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dcb  12:12pm Jul 9 2017
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AngieLanigan  6:58am Jul 12 2017
 Re: So does the pain go away?  new
FuschiaNovember1980  1:40pm Jul 24 2017
 Re: So does the pain go away?  new
FuschiaNovember1980  1:44pm Jul 24 2017
 Re: So does the pain go away?  new
toddchaney  10:47pm Aug 21 2017

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