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 wb in short cast? (how to)
enrico    2:53am Aug 5 2017

luckly i could remove the shoe with bad but not unbearable pains because swelling was minimal. i immobilized the foot with aluminium splints and called the os. i refused to have another set of x-rays because once the foot was put back in place everything feels properly aligned. i'm sure the 2 malleolis are broken and the foot must have a stress fracture.
os thinks the foot breaks are probably another non-union, but even if that's the case they couldn't fix so....

anyway this time i chose the short cast but now i regret it. application has been less painful than the long one (also because the foot fracture doesn't seem a bad one) but now i can't wb at all.
wb is necessary for osteoporosis but this short cast feels too unstable and i'm in pain.
we agreed to wait some days, being my first short cast i have no experience.

anyway i was happy to notice the lack of swelling, at least the blod vessels are better now. i'll ask about another ligament repair

youtube channel for my ankle

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