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 Re: Fractures Ankle
Kayla T    10:40am Aug 6 2017

I completely understand the feelings of being stuck and never seeing yourself walk again. I fractured my tib fib and needed surgery. The doctor said I'd also be walking with no cast or crutches by week 8. By week 7 I was cleared to start trying to walk. And although he said there would be no pain there is, it took me a while to get used to walking and the stress started kicking in. However, if you keep doing your physical therapy and walking whenever you can you will get to the point to walking again. Its hard to get past your initial thoughts but if you're determined you will do it.
However, passing the time was very hard for me to. To be honest I was not motivated to go hang out with friends because of the fear that's I couldn't keep up. Watch some TV series, do crossword puzzles, draw and if you can have people over just to talk or do little things.
It gets much better, wishing you the best in your recovery!

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