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 Re: Fractures Ankle
dcb    12:53am Aug 7 2017

Hi Sofi, sympathies. Take heart from the fact that you're probably more than half way through the time back to walking! As for returning to previous activity, I ran a very hilly trail marathon yesterday, and will run or cycle to work today - so yes, you can and should get back to being active.

Do look up YouTube videos for workouts you can do at home for your arms and upper body - they are available!

Good luck!

Fibula Fx lat. malleolus Weber B 12 June 2015
ORIF plate 18 June. Cast problems (allodynia) so boot from 25th but NWB.
25 July start PWB in boot, 7 Aug PWB without boot. 14th Aug few steps FWB.
9 Sept 10-steps jog 25 Sept: PT says go run!

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