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 Re: Fractures Ankle
Sarah Clayton    8:52am Aug 7 2017

Hi Sofi,

I broke my fibula, July 1st Canada Day. It's been a long summer and I understand what you're going through.

I get through by working during the day (fortunate to have a computer job so a laptop on my bed works wonders). I've watched alot of series on Netflixs also. By about week three I cried alot (good stress reliever and go ahead a do it) but I also got out, saw friends when I could, and also made sure I went out in the sun everyday (very important!) so just sit and enjoy the nature and breeze. Honestly, it sucks. But at the same time, it will end. We're almost there, almost to the walking time and then everything is uphill!

Most injuries I've followed (bil broken fibula playing hockey, good friend broke ankle falling down stairs) by week 8 they are walking and things are looking brighter.

Take good care of yourself! Eat well (I've pretty much turned paleo), drinks lots of water, calcium and vitamins and most of all rely on family and friends to take care of you. Don't get too anxious as you don't want to rush the healing. Step by step you will get there. My bil just hiked the appalachian trail so no need to worry you will get there!


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