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 TPF type VI 12 year anniversary today
Henri (172.58.172.---)   12:01pm Aug 7 2017

Twelve years ago today, actually it was on a Sunday, so yesterday, I stepped off a truck and snapped my left leg. External fixator, five hour surgery, two plates and 13 screws, total meniscectomy... progressed from trapeze to wheelchair, crutches and finally a cane until the HWR two years later.

The TPF repair had thrown off my alignment so I wore an ankle brace til the ten year mark when I was expected to have a TKR. I dismissed everyone's recommendations to exercise or ride a bike and instead focused on preserving what what was left of my knee. My OS had told me early on that I would never run or jump ever again, so I stuck to a desk job and walked only when necessary.

Instead of the TKR I was finally able to able to walk unaided at ten years and now get by only with special shoes. I used to have a website with BL photos and x-rays and such, but nowadays everybody does everything on Facebook and I'm sure all the photos are gone, stored only on some long lost thumb drive in the bottom of a box somewhere in storage. Good thing I skipped the TKR, as around the same same time I was told that I have cancer.

This week we are once again at our timeshare on the beach, where five years ago I posted photos of our stay here, at a time when we were just planning our retirement. We finally moved down here last fall. Almost immediately my wife was also diagnosed with cancer. That happened midway thru my own cancer treatment. I've had three surgeries for that, which now matches the number I had for the TPF.

Now I finally start radiation next Monday, a week from today. My wife is now in full remission, except for follow up scans every six months. I won't know for sure about mine until after the radiation concludes in October and the chemo wears off early next year. And I now maintain a blog on the American Cancer Society website at https://csn.cancer.org/blog/269549 or on Google+ at CancerCoupleBlog.com ...

The TKR will certainly happen at some point, but for now it is a low priority. I do hope all you old timers are doing well and the newbies here are coping well with your BL journey. As for me, it was what has now become just one more "life changing event". Good luck everyone!

8-07-05 - tripped at work, L TPF Type VI, shattered tib, snapped fib
8-08-05 - ext fixator
8-18-05 - ORIF: 2 plates 13 screws, total meniscectomy
9-20-07 - HWR

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 TPF type VI 12 year anniversary today  new
Henri  12:01pm Aug 7 2017
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Jewels_16  10:20pm Aug 12 2017
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susieq  12:18pm Aug 13 2017
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dcb  2:11pm Aug 14 2017
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LeClair  3:50pm Aug 14 2017
 (((Henri)))  new
Maree  5:06pm Aug 14 2017
 Re: TPF type VI 12 year anniversary today  new
toddchaney  12:46am Aug 29 2017

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