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 Re: HWR Surgery and recovery
Henri (172.58.172.---)   12:19pm Aug 7 2017

Hi there, glad to see you're still around. I think we corresponded several years ago. I still try to stop by MBL every now and then even though my TPF was twelve years ago.

So my HW was removed after exactly two years on recommendation of my OS, in anticipation of a TKR. He said that after two years the bone starts to grow over the HW, and then the HW would be more difficult to remove, and then there would be a six month healing period before the TKR could proceed.

The HWR surgery itself was easy... outpatient and only about an hour or two. I used crutches for a few weeks afterwards as my OS instructed, though at the time I felt I didn't really need them. Then about a week after surgery my leg REALLY started to hurt badly. The OS was unconcerned. I think it was because of the added trauma of him using power tools to unscrew all those screws from the bones.

After my wife's recent experience with primary bone lymphoma, I now know from discussions with her oncologist that after the cancer had eaten away at her bones, then the cancer died and it left holes in the bones. As the bones regrew it was quite painful for her. Now looking back I think the same thing probably happened with the holes where my screws were. We live and learn.

8-07-05 - tripped at work, L TPF Type VI, shattered tib, snapped fib
8-08-05 - ext fixator
8-18-05 - ORIF: 2 plates 13 screws, total meniscectomy
9-20-07 - HWR

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